Dr Darren Mockler was born in Teesside in a small town, Thornaby-on-Tees, which sits on the southern bank of the River Tees. After moving to London and securing his BSc degree in Psychology, he commenced his professional training, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, at the University College London (UCL), graduating in 1997. He worked and developed clinical expertise in the domain of forensic psychology and mental health.


Personal Note...


I've always loved storytelling and reminiscing with family and friends. I have enjoyed reading since a very young age and was taken with writing when I wrote an essay in an English exam that had to be entitled 'Duel'. I have been hooked ever since. It took me a long time to settle to write my first piece of fiction which is 'Raised from the Shadows' published in August 2018. I have a professional background in Clinical Psychology which most definitely influences my writing. I look forward to sharing my work with you in the future. Best wishes, Darren