Good and different   Rating:  ****


This was a different view, but plausible story/why it happened, for a historic event and person. It takes a bit to realize just who the story is about, don't want to give away the surprise. BUT I did enjoy the story line. Was concerned at first it was just going to be another "abused child" plot... but NOT the case. I would recommend this read.



November 27, 2018:    By Margeaux on



Fantastic Read!!!  Rating:  *****


Darren Mockler has succeeded where many authors have tried. The skill of his authorship is his ability to transcend himself completely into the mind of his subject and transport his reader, with ease, to the same domain. The framework of the novel is gripping, what makes the book so effective is the development and ever-increasing intensity in which the thoughts and emotions of the main character are portrayed and how they are played out in the overall drama. The story develops with a constant crescendo; the intensity ever increasing; written with sophistication, but never shy of engulfing the reader into the horror of the events. Overall, a fantastic read and would greatly recommend.


13 September 2018:    By Mike Farrer on Amazon & BookBub



Page Turner is an Understatement!  Rating:  *****


Wow, what can I say, I started to read this and gave myself an hour to "get into the characters of the book" 3 hours later, I hadn't moved, I could not put the book down, I can highly recommend this book, I can't remember the last time I avoided tasks to complete a book! Really looking forward to seeing more from this author!


14 September 2018:     By Lainy on Amazon



Super Debut Effort!!!   Rating:   *****


Having just completed the last of the Chris Carter series I picked up this book looking for something a little different. The period setting and author’s clear knowledge of the subject delivered an intriguing read which didn’t disappoint. A super debut effort and I will be keeping an eye out for his next release. 


19 September 2018:     By Jane Raymond on Amazon



Belting Debut... Let's Have Some more      Rating:   *****


This book captured my imagination from the first chapter. I am rarely carried by an authors descriptions and analysis of such a captivating and widely written about subject and period.
I found myself being lead from the workhouse into the Victorian East End with a great sense of ease and curiosity. The forensic analysis and construction of a sociopath from child to adulthood was done with the expertise of the surgeon's knife.
Totally believable to the point of booking myself on an East End history tour...


04 October 2018:    By Egle on Amazon



Eagerly Awaiting More!       Rating:   *****


Mr Mockler has written a gripping, addictive, thought consuming novel which takes you through a Victorian London. Whilst having such depth and drama, the language hasn't become stodgy and difficult with a need for a dictionary beside you. Instead, you are transported into the characters shoes, losing yourself in his mind, into the scenery, into the shadows....
This book has made me question myself in ways I didn't think a novel could do. Why are certain actions seen as "right" and others as "wrong"? Is it from our own nature or from what nurtures us, do we perceive things the way we do. Why do we justify a characters drive and motives, yet would be so quick to condemn them if read in the news. My only complaint was I didn't have a second novel to read!
To the typewriter Mr Mockler I say!


22 September 2018:   By Lucy C on Amazon



Fantastic!!!   Rating:   *****


Thoroughly enjoyed this book it had me gripped from start to finish! Definitely a good read would highly recommend it!


19 September 2018:      By Danielle Pinyoun on Amazon



A Gripping Read    Rating:   ****  


Although I knew the facts of the events, this is a gripping story which provides context to and an explanation for a point in history that hadn't been resolved. This book is an easy read and had me hooked from start to finish. If you like novels based on historical events then this is definitely worth a read.


26 September 2018:      By Tanya Bruce on Amazon




FCM Publishing




Set in Victorian England during the mid to late 1800’s. A time of affluence due to the rise of the British Empire and with it a class divide epitomised by the political-social unrest in London's dark underworld the East End.


John Cutty is a troubled young boy struggling through childhood as he is exposed to life events that leave him with deep emotional scars inflicted by psychological trauma. With his sanity at stake, he finds sanctuary in the deepest recesses of his mind to escape having to deal with the painful experiences and draws strength from an inner guiding voice.  


With adulthood comes a change of fortunes as John moves to London and with it the potential for a new life and career. Following a chance encounter, he is drawn to the excitement and menace of Whitechapel and the East End. All seems well until a reunion with his estranged mother triggers a series of events with explosive consequences played out on the dark streets of Whitechapel. 


What follows is a fast-paced journey through the life and mind of a serial murderer that climaxes with an explosive internal battle between John Cutty and his dark alter ego with his sanity and the life of his loved one at stake.




'As he stepped outside, a spectacular sight greeted him. The dark skyline had lit up, appearing scarlet in the glare of a fire that raged somewhere in the dock area. A thick, pungent smoke belched out, eating up the dark night. John’s eyes watered, and his throat burned as he inhaled the thick black smoke. The burning red sky hung low over the East End, making it appear like an insatiable inferno. As the doctor stared in the direction of the docklands, he heard a deep rumble in the distance. A bolt of lightning flashed across the sky, making the scene appear even more dramatic. The deep red colour bewildered John, stirring something deep and primal within.'



'... he found himself seeking every opportunity to lose himself in perdition, the dark underworld of London, the East End. Co-existing within him there were both feelings of revulsion and fascination for that depraved area of the city. He felt invincible strolling around the streets, his predatory instincts at hyper alert. His ability to move undetected in the shadows made him the master of darkness. Operating right under the radar of the police, he could stalk and bring down his prey at will.'



'Another crash of thunder followed by a flash of lighting further ignited his adrenaline, as if setting it on fire as it coursed through his veins. Like a lion identifying a wounded animal in a herd, he singled out the woman, fixing his gaze on her. Upon reaching the corner, the woman leaned seductively against the wall scanning passers-by for potential customers. The watching predator was oblivious to everything else other than the woman. Out of nowhere, a man approached the woman and started talking to her. The man’s presence did nothing to distract the beast from its prey. Already freed from its internal cage, the animal remained focussed, stalking its intended victim. With the fire still burning in his eyes, adrenaline coursing through his veins, the predator stealthily followed the couple as they turned off into a side street.'