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Authors Weekly Blog

It's been just over a week since 'Raised from the Shadows' was released on the 30th August. With this being my first piece of fiction it was hard to know what to expect. The day arrived and passed without much in the way of fireworks, although, there was a bit of partying as the release date fell on the same weekend of my birthday. A strange hiatus followed, as people received their copies and took the time to read the book. I guess the more interesting time is ahead as comments and reviews filter through which will give a better indication of how the book has been received. The only real indication of interest available to me at this stage has been via my website which has seen an upsurge in visits recently. It was pleasing to see interest not only from the UK but also visits from people in most continents worldwide which is amazing!!! It is always refreshing to see that we can all live in different parts of the world and find common ground in our love for books.

I have set up a comments/book review section on this website and hope that people who have shown interest in the book, by visiting the site, from all over the world will continue to visit and hopefully write and share comments not only with me but with other like minded people that share an interest in books and that you may find other common interests to share with what I hope will be a growing community. I will use this Authors Weekly Blog to share interesting points made by visitors to the site to hopefully stimulate discussion, but you can also reply directly to visitors to the website who make comments. I will also update you on how 'Raised from the Shadows' is progressing and share insights into future publications like my next book, 'Guardians of the Faith' which I am well on the way to finishing. I would also like to hear from you, the reading community, about any areas of interest you would like me to cover in this blog.

Hope to hear from soon and keep checking in on my weekly blog.

Best wishes, Darren \