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It's been just over two weeks since the release of Raised from the Shadows and the first eager readers seem to have had a chance to work their way through the book and have started to provide feedback via reviews on Amazon and BookBub. The comments have been very positive which is great to see as it is the readers views that are the most important.

I have had the opportunity and pleasure to chat with some of books readership which has been a delight. One of the more interesting questions posed was did I have somebody in mind, from my professional experience, for the main character in Raised from the Shadows? My response was to explain that the main character was not based on the life of one specific individual but was more comparable to the construction of his life on the basis of a psychological profile, of his traits, developmental experiences and traumas that were linked to the murders committed which have their basis in fact.

As my first piece of fiction, I was thrilled to be working on a book that allowed me to fuse my professional knowledge and experience with writing by merging fact and fiction; constructing a fictional psychological profile detailing the main characters early trauma that was to lay down the foundations for the eventual rise of a serial killer. By knitting together his early experiences with his actual crimes and detailing his gradual descent into madness as experienced from his perspective, through his eyes, the book provided a perfect opportunity for an exploration of the developing mind of a serial killer. My next book, 'Guardian of the Faith,' continues very much in the same vein.

Writing the book from the perspective of a developing killer, through his eyes, and tracking him through his early experiences allowed me to be able to focus on how he was making sense of his experiences, that may not seem rationale to the reader, but allows the reader to explore how these distorted perceptions or ways of making sense of things are formed overtime by the main character and how these ways of making sense of things, his maladaptive assumptions and beliefs restrict his ability to think more broadly and to consider different perspectives making his views more rigid which ultimately dictate his actions. The beauty of a book is that you can take the reader into the mind of a person and when that's the developing mind of a serial killer, it can be equally an intriguing and troubling journey. It is important to say that when writing about a character that is a serial killer, the purpose is not to in anyway glorify their actions, nor to forget the atrocities that they commit on the victims and the suffering experienced by their families. The purpose, from my perspective, is to provide insight into how their own traumatic life experiences can shape an individual to make sense of situations in a way that is different to others and can lead to the development of extreme maladaptive behaviours and in a small number of cases can lead to a person becoming a serial killer. It is also important to point out that not all people who have had traumatic early life experiences go on to become serial killers or criminals. This may lead you to consider that old question and source of much discussion; Are people born serial killers or are they made serial killers? Perhaps a discussion for another time and forum.

Please do join me for my weekly blog next weekend. I would love to hear from you so if you would like to comment or have your say, you can leave a comment on this website or send me an email in the contact section of this website.

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